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want to trade and profit in any market?

A Substantial Transfer of Wealth is About to Happen...


Read this if you want to profit, and you don't want to miss the big move!

If you follow what I have to say closely today...


You will not only be positioned for the best trading profits of your career, but you may have a REAL shot at generational wealth.


The kind of wealth that could allow you [and your family] to enjoy finer privileges now, and well into the future.

What is triggering this sudden transfer of wealth?


We all know that the market has fallen since the January peak. If the Federal Reserve pauses rate hikes or becomes dovish, the Market could rally, and hit a new all-time high.


But, if inflation remains persistent, and the Fed continues to raise rates at a break-neck pace, the Market could quickly torpedo the June low.


[Especially if we go into a global recession as many experts are predicting.]

Is this recent decline a correction within a Bull Market rally?


Is this 'the' Bear Market that drops equity prices another 30%?

Every "Expert", YouTube Guru, and Media outlet has an opinion. But, if you want to make the most trading profits possible, here's the truth...


It doesn't matter who is right or wrong, because whichever way it goes...

The Market is about to make a BIG move! And YOU can profit from it substantially if...

a) You know how to enter, and profitably exit trades WITH the Billion dollar players. [AKA: Reading Institutional "Order Flow".]

b) You know how to "see" where they are buying and selling billions of dollars of Stock on the chart, in REAL time. [AKA: Finding "Value" levels.]

c) You are accepted into my advanced Order Flow Pro course where you will master these, and many other profit-generating skills [more on this later].

So, do you know how to enter, and profitably exit trades WITH the Billion dollar players?

Can you "see" where they are buying and selling billions of dollars of Stock on the chart, in REAL time?

I hope so! Here's why...

Whenever billions of dollars are lost in the market, "someone" is making billions... And we both know that "someone" has made many billions on this recent drop!

Do you know who that "someone" is?

You guessed it! Wall Street Banks made those billions...

And here's the most exciting part... the BIGGEST move is yet to come!

In fact, I believe that market historians will look back on this move and say that it was one of the greatest wealth transfers of all time.

How do I know this move will be so epic?

Just look at how the most popular tickers performed after the COVID low was in...

QQQ hit a low of $164.93 on 3/23/20, and a high of $408.71 on 11/22/21; that's nearly a 2.5x gain in value!

SPY hit a low of $218.26 on 3/23/20, and a high of $479.98 on 1/4/22; that's a more an 2x gain in value!

TSLA hit a low of $23.37 on 3/18/22, and a high of $414.50 on 11/4/21; split-adjusted, that's nearly a 18x gain in value!

AAPL hit a low of $53.15 on 3/23/20, and a high of $182.94 on 1/4/22; that's a 3x gain in value!

META hit a low of $137.10 on 3/18/20, and a high of $384.33 on 9/1/21; that's nearly a 3x gain in value!

GOOGL hit a low of $50.44 on 3/23/20, and a high of $151.55 on 2/2/22; split-adjusted, that's a 3x gain in value!

MSFT hit a low of $132.52 on 3/23/22, and a high of $349.67 on 11/21/21; that's more than 2.5x gain in value!

AMZN hit a low of $81.30 on 3/16/20, and a high of $188.65 on 7/13/21. It touched that level again on 11/19/21; split-adjusted, that's a 2.3x gain in value!

NVDA hit a low of $45.17 on 3/18/20 and a high of $346.47 on 11/22/21; split-adjusted, that's more than a 7.5x gain in value!

AMD hit a low of $36.75 on 3/18/20 and a high of $164.46 on 11/30/21, that's nearly a 4.5x gain in value!

What's the point?

When the market makes a move, it moves big. And Wall Street Banks are always there to rake in billions, and billions and billions of dollars in profit!


How is it possible that they're always on the profitable side of the trade?

Wall Street Banks have the smartest Harvard Analysts, Quant Trading Tools, and Level 3 Data. As I've stated before, these unfair advantages give them "Market X-Ray Vision”... so they almost NEVER lose! 

Let me repeat that so it really sinks in mentally... Wall Street Banks almost never lose because they have so many unfair advantages over Retail Traders! 

Read between the lines of what I've just stated, and you quickly realize...

YOU will be profiting from all of THEIR unfair advantages when you are entering and exiting trades with them!

Which begs the question...

If they are making billions, and billions, and billions of dollars of profit every day, how much could YOU make over a lifetime of trading and profiting with them?

Honestly, I don't know the answer. What I do know, is that your profits will be substantially larger than if you continue to trade the way you do now.

Do you want larger trading profits now, and over a lifetime?

Do you want to catch this big move, and other large moves in the future?

Do you want a REAL shot at generational wealth?

Every smart trader wants to be on the profitable side of the trade. Unfortunately, few have a proven trading and money management system [like mine] that will help to KEEP them there.

This is why their losses are bigger than their wins.

This is why they get stopped out so frequently.

This is why the market reverses on them after they enter a trade. 

And this is why so many are frustrated, or dissatisfied with their P/L.

I can't make you any specific promises because I don't know how dedicated you are willing to be. But I can tell you this...

After 40 years of trading and teaching thousands of traders worldwide, I can help you to become the most profitable trader that YOU are capable of being.

How much is that worth to you over a lifetimeOr, stated another way...

How much profit are you leaving on the table [over a lifetime] if you miss this opportunity?

Do yourself a favor and take a look at your P/L, or your retirement statement...


Is it getting better? Has it gotten worse? Or is it about the same?

Now be completely honest with yourself...


Are you really satisfied with these results? Or do you know you want and deserve a lot more?

If you are 100% satisfied, there's nothing more to talk about here. But, if you want better results, or you know you need more for financial security in the future...

You need to start trading and profiting with the Billion dollar players... because they have the unfair advantages that will help to make YOU the biggest profits!

Today you have a choice, and I hope you choose the smarter path because I love to see my students succeed.


But honestly, it doesn't matter which path you choose... because my students and I WILL be profiting handsomely.

That's right! Whether you get a seat in my advanced Order Flow Pro course or not, we WILL be making excellent profits when the biggest move comes!

Are you going to join us? Or will you be on the losing side of the trade?


The choice is yours.

In the email I sent you, I mentioned we had spaces available in my advanced Order Flow Pro course. [Because a few of my students graduated to my Millionaire Trading Academy.]

As of the time you received that email, there was at least one seat available.

I can't say for certain if there is one now or not. But, if you're serious about catching this big move and enjoying a lifetime of larger trading profits...

Here are ten of the most important benefit you will receive IF you can get a seat in my advanced Order Flow Pro course...

1) You WILL learn directly from a 40-year Wall Street Insider and Professional Trader who understands [and will teach you] how to profit in a market that is RIGGED!

2) You WILL master reading Institutional "Order Flow", so you can enter and profitably exit trades WITH the largest Wall Street Banks.

3) You WILL master finding "Value" levels on the chart, so you can see where they are buying and selling billions of dollars of Stock, in REAL time.

4) You WILL be profiting from the Billion dollar player's unfair advantages [because you will be trading and profiting along with them]

5) You WILL be positioned to profit from the substantial transfer of wealth that is about to take place.

6) You WILL have VIP access to my Discord [chat room], so you can trade and profit with me and my students in REAL time.

7) You WILL have the opportunity to become a fully funded trader with a $500k+ account.

8) You WILL have the opportunity to train and qualify for my Millionaire Trading Academy.

9) You WILL become the most profitable trader that YOU are capable of being.

10) You WILL learn Wall Street trading strategies and money management skills that nobody, but a true Wall Street Insider, can teach you!

Enrollment is currently open. Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.

Course Options

  • Profit with WS Banks

    Introduction to Trading and Profiting with Wall Street Banks
    • Lifetime Access to the 3 1/2 Hour Introductory Video Course
    • Trade & Profit with Steve in REAL Time
    • Discover two skills that allow you to profit with WS Banks
    • Discover trading tools that make profits FOR you
    • Learn the basics of profiting from dealer Gamma Hedging
    • Learn why trading "easy stocks" makes you more money
    • Discover WS Bank's unfair advantages, & how to exploit them
    • Learn how WS Traders make billion dollar trading decisions
    • Discover the one skill that gives you profits for life
    • Learn why RSI, Moving Average and Trend strategies fail
    • Learn how WS Banks move the market to maximize profi
    • Discover how Wall Street Banks use "Market X-Ray Vision"
  • Best Value

    Order Flow PRO

    Take Your Trading Profits to the Next Level With OFC Pro!
    • *Includes ENTIRE Profit with WS Banks Package.
    • Lifetime Access to the 20+ Hour OFC Video Course
    • Trade & Profit with Steve in REAL Time
    • Learn How to Trade Like a Professional Floor Trader
    • Learn How to Scan for Profitable "Easy Trade" Stocks
    • Identify Wall Street Bank's Buying & Selling on Charts
    • Master Options Trading, Stock Trading and Forex Trading
    • Access to Daily Watch List, Gamma Levels & Chart Setups
    • Learn the Basics of the Institutional Profit Model
    • Learn How to Find and Trade Institutional "Value" on Charts
    • *PLUS Live Market Analysis & Trade Calls
    • *PLUS Live Analysis & Feedback on Your Trades
  • 1:1 Coaching Plan

    Stuck? Bring on a 40 Year Professional to Mentor You.
    • *Everything in Profit with WS Banks & OFC PRO Included
    • Analysis and Correction on ALL of Your Trades
    • Custom Growth Plan Built Specifically For You
    • Bring Steve Patterson as a Dedicated Partner to Your Success
    • 6 One on One Private Sessions with Steve
Steve Headshot 1.jpg

Steve Patterson

Steve was one of the Top Proprietary Traders in the world and has worked with 5 of the largest prop firms. He has a long history as one of the most dedicated trading educators.

His career has afforded him experience across 3 market crashes and multiple Bull and Bear market cycles. He has survived, adapted, and ultimately prospered over his 37+ year career.


He believes that in order to be a successful coach, you have to experience the highs and lows. He's in a unique position compared to his competitors based on his vast background and knowledge within the industry.


His goal is to transfer his experience to save you from years of frustration and sleepless nights. He's excited to share everything that he's learned from his extensive background and help you build the financial future that you've dreamed about for yourself and your loved ones.

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