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Steve Patterson

How many times have you watched a video telling you to "trade like a professional" and the creator is only 19 with one year of experience?


Steve got tired of seeing people lose sleep and money from so called "professional strategies" that don't actually work, so he decided to create his own education plan and teach what he'd learned from over 40 years and four market crashes.

If you've been struggling with trading gimmicks from these internet gurus and want to achieve next-level trading, then it's time you got started with a trusted educator who not only has 40 years of financial markets experience, but has also worked with 5 of the largest prop firms in the world. Check out the story below for more about Steve's humble beginnings.

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Steve's story

Prior to Steve's career as an educator, he worked his way up from the bottom of the industry starting his career as a messenger on the brokerage floor to eventual prop firm trader.

With the emergence of networks in the 1990s he quickly reinvented himself to be one of the first-day traders trading on and off and at one point was even a professional poker player in Las Vegas.


Later, Patterson decided to try his hand as a fully-funded prop trader. He quickly became one of the Top Proprietary Traders in the world working with 5 of the largest prop firms. He has since had a long history as one of the most dedicated trading educators excited to share his knowledge with beginner traders.

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From a Student on the Brokerage Floor to an Educator
Practice Makes Perfect

His career has afforded him experience across 3 market crashes and multiple Bull and Bear market cycles. He has survived, adapted, and ultimately prospered over his 37+ year career. 


He believes that in order to be a successful coach, you have to experience the highs and lows. He's in a unique position versus his competitors based on his vast background and knowledge within the industry. 


His goal is to transfer his experience to help you save years of frustration and sleepless nights. He's excited to share everything that he's learned from his extensive background and finally help you build the financial future that you've dreamed about for yourself and your loved ones.

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Testimonials from students

Prav B testimonial_edited.jpg

Prav B.

"For those of you on the fence, I strongly recommend Steve's 1-on-1 coaching.


He's committed to his student's success and shows in his passionate comments when you make a mistake.


At this price, Steve's education is a steal. If you religiously follow Steve's framework, you will make the amount invested in no time. Even if you don't make quick bucks, you sure won't lose it.


That is the difference between trading and gambling. If you like challenges and don't get intimidated by putting in the effort to see great results, that's it

Sinh Testimonial.jpeg


"I started in Steve’s group coaching course and was so impressed with his lessons that I upgraded to the 1 on 1 mastery course.


I am just your typical trader trying to make a living, but keeps on losing and not know why. Steve helped me understand why I was losing money and also build a solid foundation that will allow me to be a profitable trader in ALL markets for many years to come.


I am consistently winning now and it shows in my accounts. You want to stop losing and start being profitable? Learn from one of the best in this biz. Thank you Steve for your genuine commitment to your student’s success. Your course is a life changer. God bless

gabor testimonial_edited.jpg

Gabor P.

"If you take trading seriously, sign up for coaching with Steve, it's the only way to go.


Instead of tricks, patterns and gimmicks, you'll learn to understand, interpret and exploit the markets in real time.


This takes serious commitment and hard work but you get what you put in. Whatever happens in the markets, you're set up for life by a true professional. If you want to be a successful trader, he's your guy, learn from him while you can

Ready to learn from the most trusted educator in the business?

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