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see what my students have to say


"If any people out there on the fence about joining up with Steve's group rate, DO IT.


It has been a life changing experience for me. Since joining up over a month ago, my accounts just in the month are up nearly 30%.


I know that is a function of the elevated volatility we now have, but it also putting into place Steve's teachings!!! I will be forever grateful for his tutelage!! Cheers and happy learning all!!


"Steve is an excellent instructor. I am delighted to have him as a teacher.


If you're serious about learning how to trade, even if you are a complete beginner like myself, I strongly suggest you go under Steve's tutelage.


He gives a lot of homework so if you're lazy and can't complete it, go to another educator where you'll learn superficial trick trading.


With Steve, you'll learn what it means to trade and how to incorporate those principles practically as well. Apart from his depth of knowledge, he is also considerate, honest and at times, stern. But ultimately you'll learn to become a professional trader, bar none.


"Steve Patterson is one of the best coaches I've come across in the trading industry.


He possesses the best market instincts and is highly skilled in anticipating where the market is heading in real time.


His ability is uncanny and more importantly, the transparency he provided when I was trading side by side in live markets eliminated all my concerns about "hindsight trade calling" which all other coaches I've come across suffer from. For anyone currently struggling to make consistent profits, Steve can help you save years of trial and error.

Brent G.

Craig F.

Peter F.


"Before meeting Steve, I was consistently losing money in the stock market and needed help desperately.


Through his program, I learned the importance using psychology, installing good habits and looking at the market in a larger scale learning through Steve's vast experience as a trader.


It's been 4-5 months and my trading profitability stats are looking positive. Thanks Steve!


"You are the best coach I have ever had!!


I am a student of Steve's and his course is exceptional, since I've taken his course my trading has improved vastly.


It's good to have someone like Steve fixing my mistakes.


It's highly recommended guys and what he says is right, you will end up paying the market and still have no understanding of it.


It's better to get an education and then build it from there. I wish I had signed up sooner. Hindsight is a great thing :)

Erik K.

Dominic C.

Aziazi K.



"I just finished class 6 of Steve's 1-on-1 Coaching Mastery Course and I must say it is a great class!


It starts to bind all the little pieces together. I was already familiar with the concept of liquidity levels/large parked orders we can't see, but when you tie those to the pressing limits and everything else he explains in his coaching, it really clicks!


And then telling stories on how those pools of orders might move and why for a given stock is just fascinating. It feels like a door has opened and I now have x-ray vision when looking at charts!!


That is genius and very enlightening course so far!


Mo R.

"To all those on the fence about buying Steve's course, I can honestly say it has made a huge difference for me.


Using Steve's methods I am able to see context more clearly and with that understanding my entry points and exit points have dramatically improved. Thanks Steve!!!!


Arno F.

I am still in the early stage of the course but I see things very differently already.


It is still too early for me to jump right back into the pool, but I am getting closer and as I retrain my brain to see through the matrix I see good trades everywhere, and I know why they are good :)


That is all thanks to Steve's pragmatic training based on years of experience and deep understanding of the markets!

Prav B testimonial_edited.jpg

"For those of you on the fence, I strongly recommend Steve's 1-on-1 coaching.


He's committed to his student's success and shows in his passionate comments when you make a mistake.


At this price, Steve's education is a steal. If you religiously follow Steve's framework, you will make the amount invested in no time. Even if you don't make quick bucks, you sure won't lose it.


That is the difference between trading and gambling. If you like challenges and don't get intimidated by putting in the effort to see great results, that's it

Sinh Testimonial.jpeg

"I started in Steve’s group coaching course and was so impressed with his lessons that I upgraded to the 1 on 1 mastery course.


I am just your typical trader trying to make a living, but keeps on losing and not know why. Steve helped me understand why I was losing money and also build a solid foundation that will allow me to be a profitable trader in ALL markets for many years to come.


I am consistently winning now and it shows in my accounts. You want to stop losing and start being profitable? Learn from one of the best in this biz. Thank you Steve for your genuine commitment to your student’s success. Your course is a life changer. God bless

gabor testimonial_edited.jpg

"If you take trading seriously, sign up for coaching with Steve, it's the only way to go.


Instead of tricks, patterns and gimmicks, you'll learn to understand, interpret and exploit the markets in real time.


This takes serious commitment and hard work but you get what you put in. Whatever happens in the markets, you're set up for life by a true professional. If you want to be a successful trader, he's your guy, learn from him while you can

Prav B.


Gabor P.


"I'm a student of Steve's Order Flow Course videos (Unlimited 15+ Hour Video Course). I do the exercises regularly and also paper trade accordingly.


My experience is better than I expected, Steve’s method makes me feel confident about trading and improves my results towards profitability.


I highly appreciate Steve’s deepest knowledge on trading, along with his honesty. I intend my next move to be the 1 on 1 coaching


"Steve, thank you for mentoring me, you are truly one of the only traders I trust.


"I am a student of Steve and based in Spain.


I should have done his course much earlier and saved money on my mistakes.


He gave me great details on how to understand the market and still after a year he keeps on helping me on any doubts.


He is serious on the homework which you must send to him which I found really important to improve myself. I would recommend Steve to anyone who wants to take trading to another level.

George M.

Glen L.

Alan G.

Ready to learn from the most trusted educator in the business?

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