Algo 2.0 for Stocks and Forex

  • This is the latest and greatest Algo that I have created. After some modifications and adjustments to the strategy it is finally working great. It works very well on the Forex 5 minute time frame as well as the 15 minute time frame for large to medium cap active stocks. It works with Tradingview or TOS charting packages. The Algo comes with a 2 hour instructional video on how best to use it.

Penny Stock Trading

  • This is a two hour video series where Steve shows you how he trades Penny Stocks with his proprietary floor trader business model Orderflow techniques. You will also be able to ask Steve questions in a Skype room and share any trades that you need feedback on. Please note: This is not a live trade call room it is just for trade reviews and questions.

Group Coaching Orderflow Mastery

  • 3 months of unlimited access to Steve's education platform for only $995, regular price $1300 limited time offer for the holidays.
  • Live online classes in a group setting are scheduled on Skype every 2 weeks on a Sunday, please inquire about times.
  • Includes unlimited access to his 15+ hours of coaching videos.
  • Includes up to 3 months of live room review and analysis of your trades.
  • Network and get access to like minded students.
  • Education time table includes the following key concepts:
  • Learning and Tracking Order Flow
  • How to use Pressing Limit Orders to show you what the professionals are really doing
  • Identifying and Understanding how to use Liquidity
  • Understanding Random and Non-Random Markets Conditions
  • State of the art Money Management and spreadsheets
  • Overcoming Psychological Barriers
  • Excellent for Day Trading or Swing Trading all markets including Stocks, Options, Commodities and Forex
  • A through in-depth understanding of the Floor Trader business model on how to track and use Order flow to be on the right side (the professionals side) of the market on every single trade.