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want to trade and profit in any market?

Are You Serious About Growing Your Trading Account? 

Then the next few minutes will change the way you think about "Profitable Trading" forever…


FACT: Every smart trader knows that Wall Street Banks make billions, and billions, and billions, of dollars, every single day.


What if I told you that it was possible for YOU to trade and profit along with them?


Well, you can trade and profit with them... when you understand their two primary strategies!


What are the two strategies that make Billions of dollars for these firms every day?


STRATEGY # 1: While Retail Traders are wasting time watching Candles, Moving Averages, the MACD, RSI, etc., Wall Street Banks, Market Makers and Dealers—the Billion dollar players—are NOT.


Instead, they are reading Institutional “Order Flow”. Reading “Order Flow” tells them three critical things… 


a) Who is buying or selling [which other large banks]


b) At what price, are they buying or selling


c) How large their orders are [in dollars]


STRATEGY # 2: They are looking for "Value" levels because other Wall Street Banks buy and sell Billions of dollars of Stock at these levels. Stated simply, "Value" levels tell them where to enter, and where to exit their trades with big profits.


Combine these two together, and the reason why Retail Traders lose money so often is clear…


Wall Street Banks make Billions because they are NOT using the same strategies as Retail Traders!


So, what should you be doing if you want to grow your trading account ASAP?


Like a Wall Street Trader, YOU need to be reading “Order Flow” in real time. And you need to know how to find “Value” levels so you can enter and exit trades WITH them.


Now, if you don't know how to do these [read “Order Flow” and find “Value” levels], I have something very special for you…


My name is Steve Patterson; I am a 40 year veteran Floor Trader, Prop Trader, and an Institutional Consultant. [Google "Steve Patterson Trading" if you like.]


And right now, I’m gifting 100 lucky traders a VIP Access Pass to one of my newest, and most popular courses called… 


Profit with Wall Street Banks


That’s right! I’m going to teach YOU how traders from the largest Wall Street Banks make Billion dollar trading profits, each and every day!


AND, I'm also going to gift you a 14 day VIP pass to my trading room [Discord] so you can trade and profit with me in REAL time.


Without the VIP Access Pass, the public tuition for my Profit with Wall Street Banks course is $295.


With the VIP Access Pass, however, you pay absolutely nothing... and there’s NO Credit Card required to claim a one IF you’re lucky enough to get it.


Wondering why I’d offer a VIP Access Pass to one of my most popular courses when I’ve charged $295 in the past?


Being completely honest, I wasn't going to do it. But I realized I had no choice. There are (5) important reasons why I'm gifting VIP Access Passes right now…


REASON # 1: I’m a REAL Wall Street Insider, so what I teach is very different from anything you’ll find on YouTube, or the Internet. I never talk about the RSI, Moving Average Crossovers, common Indicators, or Trend Trading strategies.

Why? Because the Billion dollar players do NOT use them… so why would I? 


In fact, what I teach is so different from everything you’ve ever been taught, that I know you will not learn it anywhere else! By gifting you a VIP Access Pass, I can PROVE just how profitable my trading and money management systems are—at no risk to you!


REASON # 2: I want to make YOU money now, so you can use some of those profits to join my advanced courses. Call it what you want, but I like to think of it as being mutually beneficial.


There’s absolutely no obligation, of course. But I know that once you get a taste of the way Billion dollar traders play the game, it'll be obvious that you can rake in much bigger profits with my advanced courses.


REASON # 3: I’ve been trading for 40 years now, and I’ve done very well. At this stage of my life, I love to share my knowledge and experience, and I love to teach.


I’ve spent a lifetime studying almost every trading method out there, from Wyckoff to Elliot Wave, and everything in between. So I know what works, and what doesn’t.

I’ve combined
this lifetime of knowledge with my Floor Trading experience to create one of the most unique and profitable trading systems anyone has ever seen.


I want to use this system to leave a legacy of traders that are so profitable, Steve Patterson Trading becomes a household name.


REASON # 4: I DESPISE Fakes, Phony’s, and Scammers. Unfortunately, the trading world is filled with them, and they are [literally] leading millions of Retail Traders to slaughter.


Not sure what I mean by Fakes, Phony’s and Scammers? Here’s a short list of what you need to be careful of in the trading world…


FAKES: They’ve never traded professionally, but they claim to be "Professional Traders". They are self-proclaimed professionals; not real ones. I, on the other hand, am a REAL veteran Floor Trader and Prop Trader—I was ON the Trading Floor with other, REAL Wall Street Pros, every day! 


PHONY’S: They’ve only traded in this last Bull Market [since 2009 or later]. Yet, they claim to be expert level traders. You cannot become an expert trader in just one type of market. I’ve traded and profited in EVERY market imaginable since the 80's!


SCAMMERS: These are the worst of the worst! They regularly share their “Watch List” with their big chat rooms or followers, which seems altruistic up front. Behind the scenes, however, they buy these [low volume] stocks ahead of time so their students can buy AFTER them and push the market up.


This is what is typically called a "Pump and Dump" scam. Unfortunately, this is how many of the "Experts" and self-proclaimed "Professionals" exit their positions with such large profits.

And this is why I do NOT give Watch Lists, and I only trade the biggest names like AAPL, TSLA, BABA, NVDA, AMD, MSFT, AMZN, META etc... they cannot be manipulated by a single trader!


REASON # 5: Above all, I want to help make YOU the most profitable trader that you are capable of becoming. Because nothing brings me more joy than to see a struggling or losing trader, become a great success.

And even if you don’t join my advanced courses, I know that I am helping you, and creating goodwill within the Trading Community. I believe in Karma, so I know that this goodness will return to me in a positive way. 


Though there is no charge for the VIP Access Pass and you will NOT be asked for a Credit Card, you must understand that there are rules that come with learning from a Professional Trader.

The most important rule, is the one that separates the REAL Pro's from the Rookies...

Rookies are in the market trading everything that moves. Not only is this a bad habit, but it's a great way to blow your account. Professional Traders, on the other hand, ONLY trade when they know they have a winning edge.

Profitable trading = waiting for the right entry point!

Assuming you're lucky enough to get a VIP Access Pass, you will also get a 14 day VIP pass to my Discord so you can trade and profit with me in REAL time. Though I show up every day, I ONLY trade when I know that I have a winning edge.


READ: I don't trade to make a few hundred dollars a week... I go for the BIG profits!

If you want to be in a room that gives you 50 risky trades a day, you are clearly a Rookie, and this VIP Access Pass is NOT for you.


But, if you want to learn how to trade and profit with Wall Street Banks like a REAL Pro, then you must...


1) Make the decision to become the most profitable trader that you are capable of being.

2) Be open to watching, listening and learning a more profitable way of trading.

3) Leave your Rookie bad habits OUTSIDE of my Discord!


If you’re still serious about growing your trading account and maximizing your profits, then you may click the light blue "Join Now" button below to claim your VIP Access Pass now.


[You'll be granted instant access to the online video classes once you do.]


Good Luck Trader!

NOTE: If you see the light blue "Join Now" button below, a VIP Access Pass is still available. If you do not see the button, Access Passes are no longer available.


You may contact us to get on the waiting list if VIP Access Passes are no longer available.

  • Profit with WS Banks

    Introduction to Trading and Profiting with Wall Street Banks
    Free Plan
    • Lifetime Access to the 3 1/2 Hour Introductory Video Course
    • Trade & Profit with Steve in REAL Time
    • Discover two skills that allow you to profit with WS Banks
    • Discover trading tools that make profits FOR you
    • Learn the basics of profiting from dealer Gamma Hedging
    • Learn why trading "easy stocks" makes you more money
    • Discover WS Bank's unfair advantages, & how to exploit them
    • Learn how WS Traders make billion dollar trading decisions
    • Discover the one skill that gives you profits for life
    • Learn why RSI, Moving Average and Trend strategies fail
    • Learn how WS Banks move the market to maximize profits
    • Discover how Wall Street Banks use "Market X-Ray Vision"
Steve Headshot 1.jpg

Steve Patterson

Steve has long been considered one of the Top Floor Traders and Proprietary Traders in the world. He has not only worked on the Trading Floor with other Wall Street Pros, but he has also held a top position with 5 of the largest prop firms. 

His career has afforded him experience across 4 market crashes and multiple Bull and Bear market cycles. He has adapted to all changing market conditions, and ultimately prospered over his 40 year career.


He believes that in order to be a successful coach, you have to experience the highs and lows. He's in a unique position compared to his competitors based on his vast background and knowledge within the industry.



His goal is to transfer his experience to save you from years of frustration and sleepless nights. He's excited to share everything that he's learned from his extensive background and help you build the financial future that you've dreamed about for yourself and your loved ones.

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