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Other educators give you fake marketing and lots of hype, we focus on the bottom line and net results. Don’t settle for inexperienced one trick wonders, learn from a 37 year trading veteran that has actually worked in the professions that others try to imitate.

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Steve P.


Learn from an educator with over 37 years in the financial markets.

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Offering top notch service for your trading education needs.

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  • Non-Disclosure Agreement required and proof of ID

Unlimited access to 15 hours+ of Video Trading Content

  • Get unlimited access to Steve's pre-recorded 1-on-1 education classes with existing students over 15 hours worth of educational course content
  • Learn at your own pace and receive Skype access to Steve if you have any questions or feedback on his course content
  • Comes with 1 complimentary class with purchase along with unlimited access to his trading content library for as long as you wish for $2500 USD


I am a student of Steve's and his course is exceptional, since I've taken his course my trading has improved vastly. It's good to have someone like Steve fixing my mistakes. It's highly recommended guys and what he says is right, you will end up paying the market and still have no understanding of it. It's better to get an education and then build it from there. I wish I had signed up sooner. Hindsight is a great thing :)"

Aziazi K.

Before meeting Steve, I was consistently losing money in the stock market and needed help desperately. Through his program, I learned the importance using psychology, installing good habits and looking at the market in a larger scale learning through Steve's vast experience as a trader. It's been 4-5 months and my trading profitability stats are looking positive. Thanks Steve!"

Eric K.

Steve Patterson is one of the best coaches I've come across in the trading industry. He possesses the best market instincts and is highly skilled in anticipating where the market is heading in real time. His ability is uncanny and more importantly, the transparency he provided when I was trading side by side in live markets eliminated all my concerns about "hindsight trade calling" which all other coaches I've come across suffer from. For anyone currently struggling to make consistent profits, Steve can help you save years of trial and error."

Peter F.

Steve is an excellent instructor. I am delighted to have him as a teacher. If you're serious about learning how to trade, even if you are a complete beginner like myself, I strongly suggest you go under Steve's tutelage. He gives a lot of homework so if you're lazy and can't complete it, go to another educator where you'll learn superficial trick trading. With Steve, you'll learn what it means to trade and how to incorporate those principles practically as well. Apart from his depth of knowledge, he is also considerate, honest and at times, stern. But ultimately you'll learn to become a professional trader, bar none."


Steve, thank you for mentoring me, you are truly one of the only traders I trust."

Glen L.

If you take trading seriously, sign up for coaching with Steve, it's the only way to go. Instead of tricks, patterns and gimmicks, you'll learn to understand, interpret and exploit the markets in real time. This takes serious commitment and hard work but you get what you put in. Whatever happens in the markets, you're set up for life by a true professional. If you want to be a successful trader, he's your guy, learn from him while you can."

Gabor P.


Take a look at the final touches of my custom Algo Indicator package, find out how I use it as a daily indicator to maximize on my trading profits

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Watch how I made back all my losses and the account is now up 19% on the year. Talk about a come back👌